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Date:16th July 2023 (SUN)

Venue:Central Harbourfront Event Space

The theme of the whole event is women's power, from different parts such as lifestyle, health, exercise, diet, etc., to share and communicate how modern women love life and love themselves more. In the afternoon of the event's main stage, successful women in different fields will be invited to share their personal experiences, which is inspiring. There are also workshops related to sports/fitness brought by various units. In the evening, an all-female hip-hop competition will be held. A market will be held in the venue throughout the day, and different types of products or stalls related to the theme of this event will be recruited to participate.


The Crown Dance Competition - Women’s 2023

Date:26th August 2023 (SAT)

Venue:Southorn Stadium, Wan Chai, HK

【The Crown Dance Competition】

It is one of the activities created by Partake Group Ltd. Performed in different forms to set up a platform for the dancers who show various dance styles of choreography. This dance competition brings together outstanding dancers and dance teams, divided into Open teams & Junior kid group teams. The upcoming "The Crown Dance Competition - Women's 2023" is an all-female street dance competition, allowing female dancers to show their girl power on stage with their dance moves!!!

【The Crown Dance Competition - Women's 2023】
Open for application Now

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