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The philosophy of Partake Group Ltd. 

[ Hit it off. Make it happen ]
We aim to cooperate with different institutions, companies, groups, and individuals, not limited to any type and form. Through the cooperation of two independent individuals, sparks are sparked out of the process. A third individual that does not exist in the first place is produced, allowing things to happen naturally and creating infinite possibilities. Use different media to promote and deepen the public's understanding of each partner and spread the message and concept of participation, contribution, and cooperation.

The mission of Partake Group is to create a platform for organizing competitions, sharing, workshops, and other activities, promoting and popularizing culture and its related performances, art, creativity, life, messages, etc., without Unrestricted and bound, so that every “ Partaker” can freely pursue ideal goals or relax in a fast-paced environment during the participation process, enjoy the process, meet, express, appreciate and communicate with like-minded people, and strive to achieve the Partake Group Ltd. concept

Hit it off. Make it happen effect.

[ Take part. Be interested in everything and everybody ]


About Us

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