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【Ticket Purchase Process】


➡️ Step 1:

Please order your ticket on the "Partake Official Website" ( Once completed, the system automatically issues a downloadable ticket with a [Unpaid] status and a "Reserved Ticket" email. The reservation is complete, but the ticket purchase has not yet been successful.


➡️ Step 2:

Please contact the organizer via WhatsApp at 6257 6107 to request the "Ticket Purchase Payment" message.


➡️ Step 3:

After contacting the organizer, please patiently wait for the "Ticket Purchase Payment" message before making the payment!! It is not recommended to repeatedly place orders or send messages during this waiting period, as staff will respond to messages from the bottom of the queue.


➡️ Step 4:

Once the "Ticket Purchase Payment" message is issued, your ticket will be reserved for 15 minutes for payment. After 15 minutes, the reservation will be cancelled and made available for purchase by others.


➡️ Step 5:

After completing the payment, provide the complete payment record via WhatsApp, including details like the date, time, and account number for verification.


➡️ Step 6:

Please patiently wait for the organizer to confirm the payment details. We will then WhatsApp you a valid ticket showing a [Paid] status.

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