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What activities are there for ladies this summer❔Are you interested in getting all the "FREE 5" offers in one day❔ Let’s JOIN our event,
💗BE THE HEROINE💗 at  Central HarbourFront on 16/7 (Sun)


BTH🤍FREE 5🤍Free activities include

🤍1 FREE Entry

🤍2 FREE Workshop

🤍3 FREE Sharing

🤍4 FREE Dance Show

🤍5 FREE Giveaways

The theme of Be The Heroine is women's power, praising and embracing a group of modern women who play multiple roles in today's society. They can meet challenges and practice themselves in various fields of life, how modern women love life and love themselves more.

From different parts such as lifestyle, health, exercise, beauty, diet, etc., to share with the audience is lovers of physical and mental health, sports, and fitness. It provides them with information, services, goods, and like-minded people who can achieve a healthier and wealthier life.


💗Remember to follow our Facebook Page & IG for the latest news. We will announce other event information soon

◽️ Organizer◽️

◾️Partake Group Ltd. @partakegroup


◾️ Zeekers Danz Production @zeekersdanz

◾️WhatsApp: 9429 2269

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