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【Talent Quest Comet Competition 2024】



Date: June 29, 2024 (Saturday)
Venue: Wan Chai Harbourfront Event Space Area C



Talent performance items and formats are unlimited.

Registration for any 1-minute 30-second stage performance video must be submitted for approval.


Ages 9 or above

For Group: Based on the date of birth,
as of January 1, 2024

初賽 - 短片提交

參賽隊伍於香港時間 2024年6月2日(星期日) 23 時59分或之前
Whatsapp限時 2分鐘參賽短片


1 contestant per item: HK$400/person

2-4 contestants per item: HK$190/person

5 contestants or above dancers per item: HK$170/person


Contestants can participate in more than one item, and registration fees are calculated per item, which must be specified when registering.

Deadline of Registration: June 2, 2024 23:59 (SAT)


Partake Group Limited

HSBC account number: 040-372260-838
Company Name: Partake Group Limited

FPS Number:107474447

- PayMe Click Here:

- Cheque (If payment is made by cheque, please deposit the cheque at HSBC and provide a payment slip for verification)
Cheque made payable to “Partake Group Limited”



Performance Must be at most 1 minute and 30 seconds in length.

Using profane, inappropriate, or offensive language in music is prohibited.


Music (if applicable)

For qualifying teams, music must be uploaded by 16/6/24, 23:59 HKT. Changes or late uploads after June 16, 2024, will incur an administrative fee of HK$100 per change.

No changes are allowed after June 23, 2024, 23:59.

Using profane, inappropriate, or offensive language in music is prohibited.

Music formats accepted: MP3 or WAV, uploaded via Partake Group's official website:
If the music exceeds the time limit, the conference will not broadcast the music part that exceeds the time limit.


Contestants are prohibited from wearing or using costumes that may harm other contestants or the competition venue facilities, and overly revealing attire is not recommended.


Props (if applicable)

Contestants are prohibited from wearing or using props that may harm other contestants or the competition venue facilities.

All props must be flame-resistant and undergo approval procedures. Contestants must submit and obtain approval for all performance props from the Partake Group Ltd. team before June 16, 2024, 23:59. Subsequently, they are deemed to have been submitted late and will not be allowed on stage. Please send photos and details of props to

Any props not approved before the event will not be allowed on stage. If contestants cause damage to the competition venue facilities, Partake Group Ltd. reserves the right to pursue legal action.


The information provided during registration includes:

Studio Name / Contestants Name

Performance Name​


The information provided after qualifying includes:


Performance introduction (around 100 words in Chinese or around 500 words in English)



Registration Process


1. Visit Partake Group's official website; online registration will only be accepted.

2. Contestants who successfully register will receive a confirmation email. If contestants do not receive an email in their inbox or receive spam, please contact us immediately via, Partake's Official Website.

3. All contestants must fill in all the information that is correct and true

- All contestants aged 18 or above must sign the [Disclaimer & Participant Agreement]

- If the contestant is under 18 as of June 29, 2024, their parent or guardian must sign the [Parental or Guardian Declaration of Consent]

4. Contestants may enter more than one item, with the registration fee calculated per item entered. This must be indicated at the time of registration.

5. The online registration form and any 1-minute 30-second stage performance video must be submitted via video link upload / WhatsApp for approval by 11:59 PM on June 2, 2024.

6. Upon receiving the confirmation email, verify that all information is correct.

7. The list of finalists is expected to be announced in mid-June.

8. The number of contestants in each category is limited. After completing the approval process, Contestants will receive confirmation of their finalist status. Please submit proof of registration fee payment to the organizer via WhatsApp within 24 hours of receiving the notification.

9. Partake Group Ltd. may revoke any contestant's participation that fails to submit the participation fee and required documents by the deadline.

10. Once registered, withdrawal midway will not result in a fee transfer or refund.

11. The event will be canceled on the competition day in the event of Typhoon Signal No. 3 or above or a Red Rainstorm Warning.

12. An administration fee of HK$100 is required for each change or late change.

13. All contestants' names must be listed in the registration form. Team members must be kept from being changed or added on competition day.

14. Suppose any contestant fails to meet the competition judging criteria. In that case, the competition fails to meet the minimum team requirement. If any other reason causes insufficient teams, that category will be canceled.


Contestants are required to read and agree to the rules set by Partake Group Ltd. Registering indicates agreement to the terms and conditions of 【Talent Quest Comet Competition 2024】 Partake Group Ltd. reserves the right to make final decisions on all matters or disqualify teams found in violation. All terms and conditions are binding and subject to dispute. Partake Group Ltd. will adjust the event as necessary, and participants must comply with the arrangements.

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