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【Talent Quest Comet Competition 2024】



Carol D'

Founder of Zeekers Danz Production & Choreographer, All - around Dancer



One of the most representative Poppers in the local street dance scene, Dance Artist


Waye Cham

Founder of Cham's Vocal Studio, Professional pop singing instructor

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  • Fluency and Precision

  • Execution and Mastery

  • Difficulty and Challenge



  • Emotional Expression

  • Narrative Depth

  • Audience Engagement



  • Uniqueness

  • Creativity

  • Novelty



  • Stage Design

  • Costume and Makeup

  • Stage Layout and Utilization

  • A panel of judges decides the team's scores

  • All judges will meet the eligibility, judge skills level, and
    requirements of The Organizer

  • The Contestants shall not harass the Judges during the competition

  • There is no appeal mechanism for the competition results, and the judging panel's final decision is final.

Carol D
Gradient Background

TQC Judges

Carol D' is a talented and highly experienced professional choreographer and dancer specializing in jazz funk, hip-hop, jazz, and Broadway jazz. Graduating from the Music Theatre of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2001, Carol D' began her professional career as a dancer and choreographer. She has participated in over 300 dance performances for renowned artists such as Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung, Twins, Karen Mok, Joey Yung, and F4. She has also received training in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, and South Korea.


Carol D' is not just a performer and choreographer but also a successful entrepreneur. In 2009, she founded Zeekers Danz Production, a platform that promotes dance and stage performance art. Under her leadership, the company has been involved in various projects, providing clients with stage performances for concerts, music festivals, commercials, and product launches. Her collaborations with numerous celebrities and singers, including Louis Koo, Raymond Lam, Jordan Chan, Chrissie Chau, Jade Kwan, Richie Jen, and She has also choreographed dance performances for Hins Cheung's movie roles, further solidified her industry reputation. Zeekers Danz has also made its mark internationally, collaborating with several renowned Korean entertainment companies for talent shows and directly recommending promising students. These companies include HYBE, BE: LIFT LAB, SM and JYP.


Carol D'

One of the most representative Poppers in the local street dance scene, this individual has garnered numerous awards. They catapulted to fame as a Dance Artist through the television program “Good Night Show V" and recently released a new song titled "Get Silly," further promoting street dance on more prominent stages.


Not content with local success, this individual's dedication to their craft has taken them to various places around the world. He travelled to the United States, the Netherlands, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, not just for sightseeing but to further their dance skills and participate in competitions for exchange.


In recent years, Tsoul focused on dance education to cultivate the next generation of dancers in the street dance community.



Waye Cham (Founder of Cham's Vocal Studio) emerged in the singing field at a young age. He was recognized by a record company and recruited to become its singer. Later, he determined to join the music and performing arts industry and became a famous singing mentor.


He has participated in many public singing competitions in Hong Kong and Asia and has won many awards. He also obtained the international level 8 pop vocals certification from Trinity College London, UK, with Distinction.


Waye is deeply loved by his students and is committed to teaching in an innovative, targeted, and interactive way to help them excel in singing. At the same time, it has won parents' trust because of its emphasis on cultivating students' moral character.


Waye Sir has taught more than 500 students, and they have all shined in the Hong Kong music scene and major public competitions, including emerging singers such as Dream singer Steven Sun Hanlin, Aeren Wen Kaiting, Desta Li Yintong, etc. He has cultivated outstanding student discipline.


Waye Cham

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